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Do you know incarnate madness? It's exactly our man. It only aspires to pure violence, murder after torture ... But beware, it does not kill like that on a whim. He still has preferences, I mean... as long as he can win great powers thanks to his victims, it suits him. Otherwise he will ignore anyone who dares to approach him, leave to change into a small insect to have peace. Or in lizard. Xerem likes lizards, it hides, it does not interfere and if we are clever, we can pull his tail. Everything that is too noisy annoys him. The noise prevents him from being fully in his mood. Mood that is never happy elsewhere. His eyes reflect only the anger that has escaped him. Moreover, this young adult only goes out to stock up on food, which happens once a month unless he wants to wreak havoc in town and at big parties. The incarnated madness is him, Xerem Kagami.
At first sight he is a man, which is logical since he is male. If we detail it a little better, we will find it tall, but perhaps it hides its true size with magic to be superior. We see him with short ebony hair, some of which are falling in front of his eyes. His almond eyes are blood red except when he uses the powers of Blue Fairy that he has grabbed in which case his left eye takes a turquoise color show nothing but a deep boredom if he is in face of you. Otherwise, they only show the deep hatred he has towards those who have degraded him during his life. Some will observe that our man always keeps an indifferent face in any situation, even the worst. His way of dressing is always the same. As long as it's discreet and he can stand up against his fairy, he takes. For example, he often wears thick coats, despite the sweltering heat of the Red Marshes, but he only puts it on high. He will always put on simple trousers and dark color. On the other hand, you will never see him barefoot as some Fairies do. It's a part of the body that he hates to show. Did I forgot to mention that he varnishes his nails and pierces his ears with simple jewels? Because yes, his nails are colored black and small earrings adorn his left ear. You now know the appearance of Xerem Kagami and you will recognize him if he is in front of you.
I've always been told that Guardians and Contaminates are enemies. I am therefore my own enemy.

I was born on Earth, in England. I was told that when I was born, my eyes were red because of my parents. But that gradually, they became green. I was also told that from the color of my eyes, since I was Fairy, I would be Guardian. That's what happened at my five years. A tiny winged boy appeared in front of me and put a bracelet in my hand. The bracelet stung me a few moments and I ended up with more powers. Other older Guardians offered me to train on their world. I did not refuse, it was my duty after all.
-This is not how you protect the people! Repeat.
I got up while the creation of my Mentor took shape. Still the same person. He absolutely wants me to beat it. So I fought. It was hard, I was hit every time I approached it. And while I was flying towards him, near to hit him finally, I heard him.
Would you dare to go after your ancestor?
I froze. Who it was ? The apparition disappeared before I recovered and I felt my wings burn, crushing me to the ground.
-What took you? You must never lower your alertness!
-But... He spoke to me!
-Be serious two seconds Guardian Kagami. My creations do not speak, they fight. Repeat.
I got up while my wings repaired on their own, since my gift was to heal instantly after an injury.

The voice has not left me since. He told me not powerful enough. That I could enforce myself in one way. But I tried to forget those sentences. They pushed me to become someone too dangerous. The problem was that he came back as soon as I did not think about it anymore.

The years have passed, I have become strong like any worthy Guardian. My duty was to watch around the palace but I was not allowed to go near it... I did not know why. Maybe because of the voice in my head or something like that... Because yes, people had finally taken this seriously and feared to see me change badly from one moment to another. I myself was fighting against this person who claimed to be from my family, who claimed to have been the most powerful Contaminate that this world has given. I tried to forget it but it remained in my head I didn't know why.

And then one day, being above the invisible barrier that protected the royal residence, I saw a beautiful fairy on a balcony. Her hair was brown, her eyes blue, she was neither too tall nor too small, neither too thin nor too big, she had wings of the color of the sky. I wanted to go talk to her, to know how his voice was, but of course I did not have the right to cross that barrier. I had to do everything to approach him. To know her, to please her... I put all my soul, for days, I made sure to be allowed to pass the barrier. Exemplary attire, important protection, long training... I've managed to do that. I was able to go to the palace whenever I wanted. I was happy, I was finally able to approach the one who troubled me, the one for whom I did all that... People told me that she was a princess but it did not stop me. I made sure to be closest to her, until she became her guard. So I acted so that she suspects something, that she notices my attraction. It happened, she ended up asking me this question:
-Tell me Guardian Kagami, why... asked to be part of my guard...?
We were outside, in the huge garden of the palace, she was trying to grab a flower without shaking too much the tree that made it live, and I was on the other side of the tree, hands joined in my back, as I had learned. Never behind the person being protected. We can prevent an attack from behind and avoid to shout the personal places of people especially when a man protected a woman or vice versa. Anyway. For simple answer I gave this one:
-My duty is to protect the people, so I protect them a bit more by protecting one of those who represent them.
She had an amused laugh, a crystalline, soft sound, like the silk of her clothes.
-I doubt that's the only reason... Am I wrong?
I suddenly got a little hotter than usual. Should I tell her what I felt for her or wait a little longer...? What I felt for this princess was too strong, I started, taking her hand.
-No it is not the only thing that pushed me to approach you... What I feel convinced me. I feel the desire to spend my life with you, but in a much closer way than by being your protection. I do not know how to explain that but...
She withdrew her hand, a disappointed look on her face.
-I thought so... But you know that I do not have the right to love a Guardian, especially a descendant of a Contaminate family...

A dagger in the heart. That's the feeling I got when she told me that ...
It's because you're not like your descendants...
Maybe he was right...
You're not powerful enough for her...
He started talking to me in a strange language, asking me to repeat. I did not want at first but I ended up doing it.
- What are you... Guardian, your eyes!
Immediately after his alert, a pain invaded me. It was as if my body was burning from the inside, as if my skin had been torn off. I was aching in pain while I was enjoying it, it was like a rebirth inside of me. The pain disappeared and I remained motionless, leaning my chest on fire. She approached, reaching a hand to me.
- Gardian... ?
I grabbed her, hugged her and stroked her hair.
-Why don't you love me...? I spent half of my life trying to get close to you, to please you, and all that for what? For you to tell me that you can not love a Guardian descending from Contaminated? You will end up loving me, it will not change.
I grabbed her throat and my hand cleared a black aura. Power has invaded me, I think I sucked its magic energy. She was not using her powers, I did not know why. I think I killed her. But that people saw me, yelling at me that I was Contaminated and completely mad.

I've always been told that Guardians and Contaminates are enemies. I am therefore my own enemy.

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