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The regent of the kingdom of Yarka is a good person, he can use magic to protect his kingdom and make it better. Thoughts of self-confidence, faith and surpassing, such as "I can," "Everything I will do" and "I must be better today than yesterday". Honest, Painstaking, Determined, Listening, Trustworthy, Persevering, Humble... These are the qualities required to be king.
Wellan is very fond of the religion of his country. And even if he has a mind worthy of a king, even if he is a good strategist and he knows how to take the necessary decisions, because of his childhood spent not going out, he is rather withdrawn, naive, fearful and very prudish. He is even the archetype of the weak person. Indeed, he can not use magic as his father does and does not feel able to take the throne someday. This thought makes him doubt his existence and it may happen that he gets lost in his reflections. Time has made him afraid, and he is afraid to meet people he does not know. Nobody will see him at these important evenings, afraid that someone is trying to take advantage of him.
Despite his education, Wellan is a weak person both in strength and resistance. Since he was ten, he had a lung disease. Too much effort or too fast breathing causes violent coughing to spit blood or cut breathing. These kinds of crises can very quickly make him lose consciousness or even lead to death. But he controls himself as best he can. Wellan have long pink hair with a chestnut wick, he also has two-coulored eyes, a blue, the other brown. He is rather skinny and does not know how to fight. Even though he wears rich clothes, it is only his clothes that give him that air of inheritance. If he had had a brother, he certainly would not have been chosen to take the throne. It is very rare to see him but on his chest is a tattoo representing a key.
This young man whose named Wellan De Erendial is the prince of the great kingdom of Yarka. Since he is the only son of the king, he is the only heir.
He was born on an Autumn day, his birth was so diffcult that they had to ask priests to bring him to the world magically, thus rendering his mother sterile. At first, his childhood was not the worst, his mother was close to him, and gave him all her love and all her knowledge. Around her fifth birthday, he was told that her mother was the one with the key to the Power of the Gods, and that this power was dangerous, which was why no one was talking about it. This also explained why her mother often showed signs of weakness and was getting sick. The king, was admired by his son, the boy absolutely wanted to be like him. After all, his father was strong, knew how to fight better than anyone, and was even able to use magic. The Lord was a true model. Wellan was educated by the best, he was an incredible student and mastered everything. Except the magic. It turned out that the prince did not have the same abilities as his parent and could not use spells. His life was rather quiet. Until his tenth birthday.
It was during this party to celebrate the age of the boy that everything rocked. A clan wishing to overthrow the De Erendial family burst into the room, and tried to kill the prince. They did not succeed, because the queen interposed herself, taking the blow instead of her only child. The king did not hesitate to kill these intruders in return using his magic but the spell was too powerful and he burned half his face. The prince had nothing, but he had seen his mother die. Since then, Wellan has never recovered. He thinks his mother's death is his fault. And since that day, the vigilance of the king has grown. Moreover, the death of the queen meant that the key was no longer protected and that a new chosen one was needed. The choice quickly fell on Wellan. But he never wanted it. So he had this disease. The first crisis happened during a physical training. He was out of breath very quickly and began to cough, as if he was short of breath. Then blood pass his lips. Everyone panicked when the heir has lost consciousness. Thus, to prevent those crises that risked the life of the prince every day a little more, a priestess was assigned, a magician named Rosaliera, to help him to bear the key in him. In addition, the king forbade any escape to his son, considering that it was too dangerous for him, since he was the only child of the king.
Little by little, the young man shut up. The physical training no longer taking place, his body remained weak, he relied a lot on what was given him, he did not learn to fend for himself or even to defend himself. He has often been kidnapped, because he is weak, for money, or to pressure the king.
Moreover, it has still not been found since his last disappearance. Indeed, he is the hostage of the neighboring regent who is eager to expand his land. In exchange for information about the country his parents run, the boy is kept alive. But he knows nothing, and his jailers do not hesitate to mistreat him so that he can access to their request.

"You know the Power of the Gods? A power that has no name, able to subdue the world or make a better one, reachable by a key. Since my arrival here, there is something that's haunting and frightening me, more than dying, I fear that this king will realize that the Gods have implanted this accursed key in me... This object buried in my heart and that only I can use, this object which caused all my misfortunes... what if he knows about it...? Sould I fight? I'm too weak for that... Should I refuse to let him access the Power of the Gods? My suffering would be all worse..."

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