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Do you know Cuteness itself ? It's exactly Kin. She is mostly happy, Smiling all the time. But in front of Him, she's not smiling. She doesn't do anything if He don't ask for anything. She doesn't move and just follow Him. Since she doesn't really learn how to behave in front of people when He's not here, She's a real brat. Always blushing, she is very shy. Even the shyest person wouldn't be able to race with her.She's not bothered by being shy, she only konw Him anyway. She's not the girl who come and see every people around. She is very clumsy. you won't see her walking for a minute without fall on the groud.She like every thing that's tiny and cute, since she is not tall and cute. Cuteness itself, it's her.
Kin have a long white hair and green eyes, her hair is always loose or gathered in a braid. She wear mostly green and brown clothes, with silver jewels. she is always barefoot so she can the flow of the Earth. Kin is not a tall Elf, but she's very thin.
A flasify memory, left by the recollection of a bad childhood. But these moments where nice, before her father becom strange...
We are ten years before, in the Elves Kingdom, an unknown island. On this island, Four girls live here, each one is able to weild a power link to an element. Thoses girls are the princesses. Among them, there is Kin, the youngest. The older sister, who ave the Air power, is going to be over the age of majority soon. In the Elves society, when the heir reach 18 years old, they replace the ruler. On that day, the young white-haired elf went to see her father in his office. And she heard something her father said.
-If they weren't born, I won't have to give my position...
She didn't understand and warn her elder sister. She went talk to her father but she didn't come back. And two hous later, Kin was kidnapped. It was a demon, with a heart of stone, who change the memory of the girl and treat her as his slave. She had to obey during seven year. She escape this fate three years ago. Now, she try to live a normal life and fortget what she's been through.

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