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- No swears, it's useless and sometimes it hurts.

- Don't copy my work, I'll report you if you do. The folowing characters are my creation.

- Please make an effort, don't start a game by saying *Bump him and said "oh hi..."* Let's be creative !

- Have a good language, don't write like Weeaboo or like you're wirtting a SMS, and please make an effort on how you write, I don't really like to read a message full of errors I don't understand everything...

- In the subject of the message, please, write who you want to speak with, If I recieve a message whithout subject, I won't reply.

- No I won't explain what is the RPG.

- If you want to take the pics, please ask before or you'll be report. Some pics are modified by me and they don't really belong to me. See the credit page for that.

- I answer when I want so don't spam me please, I have a life aside the RPG.

Enjoy my site!