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A worthy prince is supposed to be serious, to take his role with great humility, to be concerned about the people of his continent, to pray Nalinda every day, and especially accept his status. Enjeru is exactly the opposite of what an worthy chosen must be. He learned about his Prince role at a very young age, so he has fun with it. He is very proud of his title and his nobility. Also, he shouts a lot, demanding for example to have the best place, and that people deviates in front of him. He likes to attract women to him, and never stop to compliments those he likes. He does not often mock those who do not like him, but tries to avoid them as best he can. He laughs at jokes more or less evolved and he can easily make very bad ones.

But it also happens to him to show discernment and tactics. His allegiance, he does not hide it, goes to the strongest. He has very few friends because of his status as a Prince, so he ignores any principle of mutual aid, solidarity or fidelity. He is very manipulative, some have already paid for it. He is able to make you think like him, or at least how he wants. His jacket, he does not return it actually so easily. Very good comedian, he plays with the feelings and ideas of people as a juggler with a bowling game.

Behind his very volatile and swaggering attitude, he is still hiding (yes) a brain well done and well filled. He followed the education of the Nalinda Church and learned to think for himself. Intelligent, he calculates every gesture, every reaction on his part to get what he wants. And what he wants most in the world is not to be alone, not to suffer. His unhappy childhood at Meltokio Manor made him independent very early and also very mature (not a bad thing). The few who count for him can rely on him in hard cases as well as in good times.
Medium-sized, red-haired with blue eyes, Enjeru is THE charming one . He has a medium body, not really ideal for the fight. He wears a white band in his hair, from which a few locks of hair fall before his eyes. He is dressed in the latest fashion in his region, white pants, a pink and black top, matching gloves and a pair of white and yellow boots. On his chest, he wears a strange jewel with which he was born. On his side, he wears his sword and matching white sheath.

Because of his education, he is very very proud, and this is reflected in his pace. He has a king's bearing, and always walks with his head up, even if he is wrong. It does not roll mechanical, but does not hesitate to showcase. He never gets dirty, but when he really has to work, he takes off his gloves, ties his long hair and it's possible to see his muscles in action. Otherwise, good luck to see him make an effort, he is very often basking in the sun. If the sunglasses existed, he would wear them often "not to dazzle the others". Also note his bright smile that he maintains in front of his mirror (he sometimes train hours to smile, but shh! I did not tell you!) And the two gloden wings decorate his back. Otherwise, when he takes on a human appearance, he wears basic clothes, that is to say a white sweatshirt with the design of his wings in the back, black jeans and brown Doc's.
We are twenty-two years back, in a small village in the southern kingdom of the Fairy World. A young lady, Mrs. Yami, notices her curves. A few months later, little Enjeru has finally pointed the tip of his nose.

As a child, Enjeru was already amusing her mother with her extraordinary abilities. Quick in learning how to walk and speak, he was welcomed as a prodigy by his mother. At two years of age, he formed complete sentences, with subject, verb, complement, formula of politeness, and sustained language. Much appreciated by children his age, he found them very boring and very archaic with their lollipops and diapers. He dreamed only of one thing: to enter the legend. The day, during his hours with his teacher, he was only imagining saving the world. It was during this time that he discovered that he had breathing problems when he used his magic. He was still unaware that he was born of an affair of his mother with the king.

And then, at the age of seven, he discovered the truth about his title. He was taught, without taking gloves, that he would now be educated at the Nalinda Church every day, so that he might one day become a potential prince. Oh sure, it could only happen if something happened to his mother ... But he believed, he was making enormous efforts to become a prince. He learned by heart the behaviors to have. Assiduous and serious that we do not know him anymore, he showed great importance to become an excellent prince. He learned the fight with the sword. He imagined himself fighting with his magic, he ended up admitting that a good sword and a shield would be better for him when he would confront the people without powers. Until the day when everything rocked.

The loss of a loved one is what changes all men, regardless of their age. At eleven years, Enjeru knew what is called pain, the true, and the mourning. He was returning home, as usual after his fencing class, when he saw the funeral staff in front of his house. He ran, entered his living room and hit a wall. Where at least what he took for a wall. It was actually the legs of the chief clerk. Behind him, four people were heading for the exit. Feeling that the person transported was from his family (what's more logical?) The boy had rushed into the kitchen, where he had discovered the king, covered in blood, in shock. When he later questioned him, he told him how his mother had nearly killed him, and how he had stabbed him in defending himself. The kid did not believe for a moment. He knew that if his mother died, he would have to live as a son of the royal family. His world collapsed just as the doors of his house closed. His mother, one of the most loved beings, had just left this world for somewhere he hoped would be better forever. In tears, he had gone into his room to come out only two days later, completely emptied of his tears, he thought. Then, a few days later, he surprised a conversation between the priest and his father.

Hidden in the church after a particularly boring lesson (what do you mean he fall asleep and no one realized it?), He was awakened by the sound of the king's footsteps. Then his voice, and that of old guy. He had heard them talk for a long time, talking first about the education of Enjeru, the departure of the previous Third Prince and the orchestrated death of the mother who insisted a little too much to take back her son to the taste of the father. The principal concerned obviously did not know anything about this conversation. At this moment, lack of luck, the kid had made a hell of a bang as he fell from his bench. The two adults had turned around and could only see one end of his shoe as he was leaving the church. It was none the less necessary for the father to recognize his son and arrange for him to be silent and continue to act as if nothing had happened. By catching up with the kid, he made sure that never, never, did he reveal his plans, especially not to the Queen.

Nothing else has marked the life of our young man, now a prince. Until this day...

-Hang on!
It was snowing that day. Leaning on a blonde girl, the man activated his magic and passed his hands lit by a blue night over the many wounds she had.
-I-It is useless Highness... What... What I have is too... too serious... to be treated like that...
Despite the pain she had to endure, the girl smiled as best she could.
-Don't talk ! You will exhaust yourself for nothing!
-It hurts...
He turned off the magic of his left hand and stroked the girl's head.
-You'll be fine, do not worry...
-You shouldn't waste your magic on me, highness, she said while she was taking his right hand.
-No ! I didn't want to do this to you! I'm going to heal you !
She smiled a little more as he took her against him.
-I did not want to... Forgive me...
Enjeru did not feel her breathe anymore. Tears rose to his eyes and he began to cry, keeping the fairy's body against him. He had killed her in spite of himself.
-I wsh I could go back time to repair my mistake... Forgive me...

It was because of these words that Nalinda herself, the Fairies' Goddess, came to him and chose him as the Time Fairy. She explained to him what were the powers she offered him and the consequences he endured. Live less time? It was not a problem for our man who would even give his life to repair his fault. Nevertheless, he was advised not to reveal what he was now capable of, bad people might want to take advantage of it. This is how Enjeru Yami, Third Prince of the Fairy World, became the Fairy of Time. The only thing he did with those powers he got was going back two days and not making the same mistake. We can say that he gave a little of his time to this girl ...

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